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Solivita useful Information.  55+ community

Active Adult Community. Resale Information

Buyer & Seller Information

Buyer's Checklist

Land a Home Despite a Tough Market

Seller's Checklist

Seller's Pricing Considerations

Tips for Taking Pics

79% of Sellers Upgrade Before Listing - But What to Improve?

Your Home As Seen By Others Cartoon

Drivers License & Vehicle Registration Information 
Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Forms

Homestead Exemption, Other Tax Exemptions & Portability

Do You Qualify for Additional Exemptions?

Application for Homestead and Related Tax Exemptions

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Transfer of Homestead Assessment Difference

Transfer of Homestead Difference Application Form DR501T

Lodging Facilities Near Solivita

List of lodging facilities near Solivita

Poinciana & Poinciana West

Community Development Districts (CDD)

CDD: What is it? How does it work?

CDD Website (contact information, find out how much you owe and how to pay off your CDD debt)


Poinciana & Poinciana West CDD Description

Poinciana CDD Adopted Amendment 12 / 23 / 2014

Polk County

Clerk of the Circuit Courts Document Search

Clerk of the Circuit Courts Declaration of Domicile Form

Important Links & Telephone Numbers

Public Safety Notification System

Waste & Recycling

Request for Service

Building Permit Searches

Accella Citizen Portal

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Expired Permit Notice and Extension /
Renewal Request

Permit Search 2011 to Present

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​Permit Search Historical Lookup 2003 - 2010

Solivita Info:

2021 Club Fee Schedule

2021 Community Fee Schedule

Age Verification Form

Architectural Review Information

Welcome to Solivita

Department Directory

Evergreen Lifestyles Management AutoPay Enrollment Form

Golf Carts

- Rules & Regulations

- Registration Form

Governing Documents

- Articles of Incorporation for Solivita Community Association

- By-Laws of Solivita Community Association

​- Master Declaration for Solivita

​- 7th Amendment to Amended & Restated Master Declaration 11/9/2020

HOA and CLUB Registration FORMS

Requirements for Purchasing Property in Solivita

- Age Verification Form

- License Plate Registration Form

- Informed Consent Agreement and Waiver

- Physical Activities Readiness Questionnaire

Renting or leasing your home?

Guidelines for Leasing Your Property

New Homeowner and Tenant Orientation Information

Selling a home in Solivita

Selling a Home in Solivita

- Solivita Home for Sale Form

Stonegate Golf Membership Information

- 2020 Annual Golf Membership Rates

Utilities Servicing Solivita

- List of Utilities Servicing Solivita

Visitor Pass Procedure

Visitor Passes are necessary when visitors are going to use the amenities. Amenities include, but are not limited to:

Starlite Ballroom; Riviera Spa and Fitness; The Palms; the Gator Room; Mediterranean Skyline Room (Aegean, Baltic and Caspian Rooms); Art, Ceramic and Billiard Galleries; Library; Satellite Pools (including Clubhouses); and Freedom Park Recreation.

Visitor's Pass Procedure

Visitor Informed Consent Agreement and Waiver


Creative Designs Mailbox & Signs

- PIP Printing Mailbox Order Form


- Poinciana Medical Center Information

- KwickSet Front Door Handle & Lock Replacement

Warranty Information

Dakota Single Cylinder Handle Set Model

- Florida Building Energy Efficiency Rating Act Brochure