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Why I moved to Solivita

 We were looking for a new way of life.  Got tired of the same old routine up North and didn't have much contact with retired folks.  We came to Solivita after visiting many Florida over 55 communities and fell in love with it.  It's the best move we ever made.

We lived in another Avatar community and really liked it but it lacked all the activities that Solivita has to offer.  So we sold our home and moved to Solivita.  We haven't been disappointed.  The community offers so many sports and two golf courses not to mention theater, fine arts, book clubs, bridge, etc.  The main reason we love Solivita is the people who live here.  There is a terrific sense of fellowship within the community.
  It was time to retire and we started looking in Florida to get out of the cold Winters of the Mid West.  We came and looked at Solivita and were impressed.  The next year we rented a home in Solivita for one month.  We were sold on the friendliness and high activity level of this community.  Not only did we buy a home but our friends who were visiting for a week did too!  We love it here.

  Our friends moved to Solivita from New Jersey.  Three years later and a couple of visits we decided to throw away our snow shovels and move here. Great friends and lots to do.  Never a dull day.

We wanted an active lifestyle and looked at the Villages first.  We toured Solivita and fell in love with it.  The people here are so friendly and it's not far from the airport.  Home lots are bigger than the Villages and the houses are more reasonable in price.  

  We lived in the Midwest and came to Solivita three times before buying here.  We weren't ready to retire but decided to make the move. We wanted to be closer to our grandchildren and leave the cold Winters behind.  We love the community and have gotten involved with many activities.  No regrets here.

  I was transferred from my job in Illinois.  We are in our mid 50's and saw several other communities throughout Orlando and Kissimmee.  We decided on Solivita because it offered so much to do.  When we moved in the neighbors brought us goodies to eat and within a week they invited me to lunch.  We regularly have block parties and are having the time of our life here.

  I came down from NYC four years ago to escape the rat race and the cold winters.  I've gotten involved with pickle ball and softball.  I'm learning how to play bridge and belong to a book club.  Solivita has fulfilled all my expectations.  I go back to NYC to see the kids but can't wait to get back to my activities her.
We came from Richmond, VA to visit a high school classmate who had moved to Solivita.  Within 3 months we sold our home in VA and bought a house here.  It was an impulse buy but we are terrifically happy here.  My husband enjoys the Veterans Club and I play softball.  Even though we are in our mid 50's this place makes us feel like teenagers again.
I was living in NYC and getting ready to take an early retirement when I saw an ad for Solivita on TV.  I came down to visit and loved all the pools, tennis court and village center.  I sold my place there and have lived here for 5 years.
  My wife and I love golf.  When we saw the two pristine golf
courses we were in seventh heaven.  We are snowbirds from Canada and spend 180 days a year here.  My husband and I also play softball. We have met so many nice people and made everlasting friendships.
  My husband and I both retired from teaching in N.Y. state.  We came here for the total package; friends, sports, theater, parties, clubs.  No snow equals happiness!  Our kids and friends love to visit us in the Winter.
We were looking for an active adult community in Texas where we were living and saw an ad for The Villages.  We went to see it.  Houses were too small; golf courses only 9 holes and too crowded and we had to wait two hours to be seated for dinner in the Spanish Village.  We decided to look at Solivita.  Fell in love with it right away.  We had a home built here 10 years ago and have not been disappointed.  We love the community, people and sports.

  I was living in Massachusetts and both of my kids were in Florida.  I wanted to find a location that was equal distance from their homes.  I found Solivita on the Internet and decided to visit.  What I discovered was a wonderful place to live with so much to do.  I sold my home up North and had a home built here.  I like the Singles Club, dances, softball and pickleball.  I feel like a kid again with all the activities here.

  We wanted a nice place to retire.  Solivita had the whole package.  The people are very friendly and there's so much to do here.  We'll never get bored.  So happy we decided to make this our full time home.

  We came and visited Solivita last year and really liked it.   We decided to rent for one month this year and loved the activities, weather and people.  It's freezing in the Mid West in the Winter.  We will be snowbirding here when it's cold there.   R.Y.
I bought a house sight unseen from Susan.  My friends had been here a couple of times and highly recommended it.  I moved here in January and have fallen in love with the community.  Everyone is so friendly and you can't beat the "Winter" weather.  Solivita has lived up to my expectations and more.  J.R.


Four old retired men are walking down a street in Yuma, Arizona . They
turn a corner and see a sign that says, "Old Timers Bar - ALL drinks 10
cents."They look at each other and then go in, thinking this is too
good to be true.
The old bartender says in a voice that carries across the room, "Come
on in and let me pour one for you! What'll it be, gentlemen?"
There's a fully stocked bar, so each of the men orders a martini.  In
no time the bartender serves up four iced martinis shaken, not stirred
and says, "That'll be 10 cents each, please."
The four guys stare at the bartender for a moment, then at each other.
They can't believe their good luck. They pay the 40 cents, finish their
martinis, and order another round.
Again, four excellent martinis are produced, with the bartender again
saying,"That's 40 cents, please."
They pay the 40 cents, but their curiosity gets the better of them.
They've each had two martinis and haven't even spent a dollar yet.
Finally one of them says, "How can you afford to serve martinis as good
as these for a dime apiece?"
"I'm a retired tailor from Phoenix ," the bartender says, "and I always
wanted to own a bar. Last year I hit the Lottery Jackpot for $125
million and decided to open this place. Every drink costs a dime. Wine,
liquor, beer it's all the same."
"Wow! That's some story!" one of the men says.
As the four of them sip at their martinis, they can't help noticing
seven other people at the end of the bar who don't have any drinks in
front of them and haven't ordered anything the whole time they've been
there.  Nodding at the seven at the end of the bar, one of the men asks
the Bartender, "What's with them?"
The bartender says, "They're from Solivita, the 55+ active adult community

in Florida . They're waiting for Happy Hour when drinks are half-price..."